Saturday, January 11, 2014

Magic 8 Ball iPod

I have loved before, sure, and I have watched love go right out the window like a whistle in the wind. None of this is new, it's merely par for the course in my long life of dead-end relationships. I am hardened by this shit by now, but I still cry because it still hurts. I still scream because it still makes me crazy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm still human, though I would love to change that fact. What would I be if I could step away from my human frame and don that of another? Hmm, let me think about it...

Ah yes, I would become the Hawkline Monster that lives in the ice caves beneath the basement! Rawr.

Earlier today I decided to play the Magic 8-Ball iPod game. If you don't know what I mean, here's the gist of it: you use your iPod as a magic 8 ball by asking it a question (backed by a lot of emotion) and then hit shuffle. Whatever song it plays for you is supposed to give you all kinds of deep, spiritual insight to the question you asked. Obviously the more music you have on your iPod the better this little mystical game is, and I have a LOT of music. So, I pulled out my iPod and turned it on. While holding it in my hand I asked it my question. Now, I won't tell you what I asked of it because it's personal and relevant to my current state of affairs, but I will share with you the song it decided I needed to hear because it's a great one, and after listening to it repeatedly while pondering the lyrics, I do believe the magic 8 ball iPod has come through for me. Here's the song:

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  1. My iPod likes to play this game without my consent. It never fails that, when times get rough and all I want are carnival tunes, it'll be songs like this. Songs I won't even remember having downloaded. Maybe I never did because, after things get better, my iPod never plays that particular song again. Weird.


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