Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lunch & Photo Hunt

A friend asked how my shoulder recovery is going and I thought I'd use my response as the beginning to this blog entry:
      "It seems with every passing day of nothingness, I become more and more unaware of what time it is, or what day, or even what month. A few weeks off from work, in my definition, is a perfect vacation, but a few months is just too much, I feel like I'm going crazy. If I didn't feel so stupid in this sling I would go out a lot more, but I hate wearing it at home, let alone in public. So I just sit at home mostly, reading, watching TV, trying to write. But when a person can watch the passing hours crawl across the wall in the form of slow-moving shadows, it creates a sort of madness that only prisoners can relate to (and surgery patients, and unemployed bums, and retirees). I guess that's my creative way of saying, I miss work. Physical therapy is excruciating and slow, I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I gauge my progress on which new parts of my body I can touch with my injured right arm, and so far my left nipple is still a painful reach. My goal is my left armpit."

Speaking of getting out & about, driving is becoming easier as I learn how to manipulate the stick shift using both hands, all while avoiding crashing my car into a ditch. Today I drove to Super Pho Vietnamese Cuisine over on Lancaster Drive and had a remarkable lunch. I ordered the #36 Meat and Rice Combination as well as a French Vanilla Boba smoothie. Everything was delicious and the service was terrific, I give my visit 5 out of 5 stars.

After lunch I went on a nice long photo hunt, but was interrupted by occasional rain fits. The weather has been awful shitty lately, but hey, no big deal since I spend most of my time watching it from the inside of my warm/dry apartment. Here are a few more pictures to share:

I was going to write much more, but I think I'll just leave this entry as a long over-due Photo Walkabout. Haven't done one of those in a long time, and I think the others that I have on here are all dead-linked (and I'm too lazy to go back through and re-link them). I'll end this blog with a video I find very amusing. Not too long ago K-Swiss came out with a new shoe called Blades. The marketing staff at K-Swiss, in genius strategy, have adopted Kenny Powers (fictional character from Eastbound & Down played by Danny McBride) as their faux CEO and have created a 5 minute advertisement that is just brilliant. I won't share the full length video here, but instead have trimmed it down to highlight my favorite part. WARNING: For those of you offended by foul language and crude humor, this clip is full of it. For the rest of you, enjoy:


  1. Really love the photos. You should do a photo hunt more often. :)

  2. Thank you, Becki. Seeing all of your amazing photos is always a burst of inspiration to me, I just never walk around nearly enough. Keep clicking!


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