Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Song Salute

A quick art update:
The one on the right I discussed in my last update, but the one on the left I didn't mention. It was a special request painting done by a local artist here in town. I sent her a picture of what I had in mind and within days she replied with a picture of the finished piece. Wow! The painting is of Siddhartha meditating beneath the bodhi tree before reaching enlightenment and becoming Buddha. So now I have two paintings resting on the back of my love chair, where they will stay for awhile. Have you ever tried hanging artwork on a wall using only one arm? Yeah, it's not easy.

In this paragraph I'd like to give a few shout-outs. I'd like to give a huge and heartfelt 'thank you' to all the people I work with who brought me dinners and desserts the week following my surgery. I was in a lot of pain and was in no condition to leave my apartment, and since I have no family here, you guys and gals were it. I appreciate it all, and can't possibly thank you enough. And to both of my bosses, thank you so much for the Leo Kottke and John Mellencamp CD's and the huge box of candy. That was awesome! You guys are terrific, I'm thankful to work for/with you. And to my family and friends who keep checking in on me to make sure I'm still alive, thank you. I know I can be quite the recluse sometimes, but you guys put up with it and keep coming back for more, very cool. And to Snug Bug the Disaster Cat, I realize you're getting used to having me around all day every day and all I can say about that is... don't. This is only temporary, you little fat-ass rodent, please stop shitting bricks.

Today is Saturday Song Salute. Yeah, yeah, I know it's been awhile. Sorry! In the spotlight this time around is the band Citizen Cope and their song "D'Artagnan's Theme". It can be found on the 2004 Clarence Greenwood Recordings album, which by the way is the lead singer's name. When I first heard D'Artagnan's Theme I was immediately drawn to it's laid back, semi-sad sound. After listening to it twenty times in a row I realized I had no clue as to what the lyrics meant. To this day I still don't, I only know that D'Artagnan was one of the 3 Musketeers. So now it's up to you, fearless listeners, to work out the meaning of these lyrics for yourself. Headphones ON, volume UP, music IN...
D'Artagnan's Theme (lyrics)

I've been sinning
I've been livin'
I've been beaten
By Saturdays
On a diamond
I lay on a diamond
On a diamond
I lay awake
Good ol' D'Artagnan
He ain't got a thing on me
I've been minding
To my field of timing
Too bad your time in
It just never came

Well I don't know how else to say it
In a different way
But why don't you just fade away
'Cause there's a battle going on
Down south of Babylon
So why don;t you just fade away

I've been dealing
I've been healing
I've been dealing
A crooked game
Thieving pirates
I'm thieving pirates
out of gold that
they stole from the queen
Stole from a man
Who's favorite hand
Is one that he will always lack

Well I'm building this levee
by the Mississippi
Or I'll die in an unmarked bay

Well I don't know how else to say it
In a different way
but why don't you just fade away
'cause there's a battle goin on
Down south of Babylon
So why don't you just fade away


  1. I love the bodhi tree. very nice. I love the other one too. Struggled a little deciding whether I was a guitar (only because you try to play.... but I decided. It is a viola.
    Electric Daisy Violin- Lindsey Stirling

  2. That was a fun video, thanks for sharing the link! And I agree, I think it's a violin too.

  3. It is SATURDAY!!!! I'll do the salute for you, but as far as the writing creatively; that's all you, Bud

    Now, I am technologically inept, so I don't know how to actually put a picture or video and what not. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy

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