Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yay For The Local Guys!

I don't typically do this, actually I've never done this, but I'm about to use my blog page as a platform to applaud a local business here in Salem. Before I moved to West Salem I lived in a two story house in NE Salem where I was the upper-half tenant. This house was ancient, abused, even derelict at one point, and the entryway to my area was a steep, narrow set of disenfranchised stairs. The reason I make mention of these stairs is this: at one point my refrigerator quit working and it had to be replaced (and the poor guy who had to lug that fridge in and out of that house did so with gusto, don't ask me how). Now, if you follow my blog then you already know the (gin & tonic) back story that explains why my refrigerator quit working. I'll not re-explain it, for the sake of those of you who are super cool and follow me all the way into the depths of hellish despair. But if you really want to know, click this: BLOG ENTRY.

So when the fridge went down I shopped around, called all the local appliance centers here in town, and ended up making my purchase at Capital City Appliance on Portland Road. Very friendly, helpful, reasonably priced, and the owner got a kick out of my destruction story. The replacement fridge was delivered the next day and everything was great. Until two months later when that fridge decided to quit on me. Grrrr.... but this time it wasn't my fault! It was simply "one of those things", a strange coincidence, have you. So I called Capital City and told them the situation and since the fridge was still under warranty, they said they'd be out to take a look. Turns out the fridge needed to go back to their shop for a maintenance procedure (I bought a used fridge, btw) which they took care of in a timely fashion. They came and got it, fixed it, and brought it right back. No fee, no hassle, no problem whatsoever. They really did take care of me in a way I haven't seen in awhile. In this day & age, it's a sad state of affairs for consumers once the sale has been made. Post-sale customer service tends to drop off remarkably, am I wrong? Well, these guys were the exception to the norm, and I thank them for that.

Why am I telling you this? I guess because I feel it's the responsibility of a good citizen (who has a blog that is displayed across town) to inform other citizens of all things good (and bad). And in this case, I had a terrific experience with a local business and thought you should know. And think about it, I just sacrificed valuable writing time that I could have invested into creating a new short story or something as equally entertaining, but instead I wrote about an appliance company here in town. That should say something all on it's own! Haha, alright friends, until next blog.

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