Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Update

I know my blog posts have dwindled lately, even after I said I would pick up the pace and start writing more short stories. You see the thing is, I've been hammering out poems, one after another, over at my poetry website, and while I'm in that groove I don't dare disrupt it. I've posted only a few of them here, but trust me, there are many. My inspiration has been a mixture of beautiful friendship, relationship woes, alcohol, and a few of my favorite poets (Bukowski, Plath, and Neruda). Together, these ingredients have elevated my mind to a point that it has never been, and I'd like to keep it there for as long as I can.

That being said, I thought I'd stop in and offer a quick hello and briefly describe a few new things in my life. I suppose the first change to be discussed is the fact that I am single again, go figure. I made a half-hearted promise that I wouldn't talk about this too much out of respect for her, so I won't go into detail. But let's just say I've never been more confused about a relationship failing than I am with this one. It lasted only less than a year, but still, it was many months of great moments surrounded by a cloud of uncertainty. I pride myself on having a remarkable record of being an honest and caring boyfriend, but this time around I've been told I didn't live up to the mark. I don't get it. So many things went wrong that I can't even put a finger on, and I know in my heart that I don't shoulder all of the blame. And after analyzing everything from all perspectives, I've decided to chalk it up to "divergent personalities". I really don't know what else to say about it, but then again I said I wouldn't, so let's just leave it at that.

Since the break-up, I've decided to attack my body fiercely. I have spent many years doing jobs that place me in seated positions behind steering wheels of large vehicles. This is so unhealthy, and coupled with the fact that I don't eat right or exercise and am getting older, it has been catching up to me. Well, enough with the bullshit. Step one: I started taking lots of pills (a mixture of multi-vitamins, antioxidants, brain enhancers, and mood/appetite stabilizers) in order to get my insides more in order. I'm up to six pills a day, but that's nothing compared to Ray Kurzweil (that crazy bastard takes like 250 pills a day!). Step two: I'm changing my eating habits. No longer do I over-eat, and now I snack throughout the day and for dinner I try to stick to a paleo diet of meat and veggies. I'm not exact on this yet, but I'm getting there. Step three: P90X. Yep that's right, when I get home I pop in the P90X dvd and give my body a punishing workout that makes my muscles hurt so good it's hard to shampoo my hair in the shower. Ugh, right now my body hates me for it, but after a month or so of this, it's going to be great. I can feel it. Something else I've done is removed all nasty liquids from the fridge and replaced them with coconut water. These boxes are expensive ($5.00 a pop) but totally worth it, I love me some coconut water! I still drink alcohol though, that's something I'm always going to do. My body just has to deal with it.

Okay, so that covers it I think. Oh wait, no no no. I recently moved into an apartment in West Salem and now I ride my bicycle to work everyday, which is really awesome. My car just sits in its parking spot all week long, I seldom have to take it anywhere. Everything I need is within walking distance, and that is very cool. And even though I was a little skeptical about moving where I did, it turned out to be a good choice. It's quiet at night, rarely is my sleep disturbed. All of my neighbors are really nice and easy to talk to. The apartment itself is in great shape and quite comfortable. There are so many shade trees that even on our hottest days (which have been few and far between) it never reaches an unbearable temperature inside. So, all is well with the new living arrangement.

And that about does it, I think. Oh, and one last thing: many, many thanks to my special friend who lives so far away. You know who you are, and by now you know what your friendship means to me. I want to thank you for being there, for making me laugh when I felt like crying, for making me smile when a frown seemed inevitable, for bringing out the writer in me in such a way this world has never seen. You inspire me to be bigger, to be better, to keep going forward when I could easily regress. I'm not very strong when it comes to these things, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'm so glad we are friends, life would be stupid without you. And on that note, talk to ya later, fellow bloggers.


  1. Well, dark and mysterious, it sounds like you are going to look and feel on top of the world in no time! That P90X is no joke! I had a friend do that and follow the eating program strictly and ended up with a lot more of the little blonde hair on her arms and neck. lol fuzzy wuzzy! What is your poetry website? I'd very much enjoy reading some more! Sorry about your relationship, but as you know, sometimes no matter how right two people feel together its not ever going to work out, or no matter how seemingly fitting it is when you are with someone, the puzzle pieces just don't go to the same puzzle. You'll find somebody, though. Things happen for reasons. good luck!

  2. "Dark and mysterious", I chuckle at that every time.

  3. would you prefer "tall, dark, ad handsome"? "dark and mysterious" is easier for me to type

  4. so? what's the site where I can read some poetry?

  5. I've added the link to the main page.


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