Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Baltimore!

This is a photo blog of my recent family vacation in Baltimore, Maryland. I took a Saturday night flight out of Portland, Oregon and arrived in Wilkesbarre/Scranton Pennsylvania on Sunday morning. Mom & Dad picked me up at the airport and we drove back to Mifflinville, PA where they live. We stayed there for a few days and then headed down to Baltimore for the next few days. Mom, Dad, sister, nephew and me, together in one vehicle. We stayed in an upscale Marriott Hotel right on the harbor, which was nice, but a little too richy-rich for my taste. Day one was spent at the Baltimore Zoo, here are some pics:
Meet mom & dad.

Meet sister & nephew.

Good times! Let's move on. The following day was our trip to the Baltimore Aquarium, which was badass and my personal favorite of our three destinations. Here, have a look:

Our last day in Baltimore was spent at the Science Center, but I didn't get very many pictures there since I got food poisoning from dinner the night before. I'll add a few pics of downtown so you have something to look at:

Well there ya have it, lots of fun stuff to see in Baltimore! Overall we had a good time, minus the sickness and the family arguments and the miles and miles of walking. Although the walking reminded me how out of shape I am and that I must figure out a daily exercise routine for myself, else this body of mine will fail soon. And now I have to go meet a friend for a few beers, I've been away awhile and we have lots to catch up on, you understand I'm sure. Now go away and enjoy your day!


  1. Dude! Sweet pics! U still practicing photography?

  2. Thank you, anonymous (whoooo are you, lol?) If by practicing you mean, leaving my camera home every time I leave the damn house, then yes!

  3. Well, regardless of whether or not you "practice" -which at this point I am confused as to whether that means you photographize (is that even a word?) on a regular basis or not lol- your pictures look really good. I like it when you write. Its like opening a little treasure box everytime you write something new:)

  4. Photographize, hmmm... interesting.


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