Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chillin' & Grillin'

I was standing in line at Carl's Jr for lunch the other day trying to decide what to order. As I neared the register the worker asked me what I would like and I said, "A taco and a spicy chicken sandwich, please." After pushing several buttons he looked up and asked me if I wanted a hard or soft taco to which I answered, "Umm... let me get it hard." Within seconds of my reply I heard childish laughter erupt directly behind me, and as I turn around I see a kid standing there giggling at me. He was maybe 12 years old, and while he laughed he held a few folded dollar bills up to his mouth as if trying to somewhat conceal his comedic outburst.

For a brief moment I truly couldn't figure out what was funny, but there was no one else around and he was looking/laughing directly at me. I started to ask what was so humorous when suddenly it hit me, "Umm.. let me get it hard." Hahaha, oh man! There was nothing I could do except join in on the kid's revelry, he got me fair & square, and to be honest I was quite impressed with his sharp sense of humor. Had I been his age I would NEVER had found that sentence to be funny, but he did and that was pretty awesome. I gave him props for not overlooking such a great opportunity to bust my chops and told him he must have a cool-ass dad. We chuckled a little bit more before I paid for my food and went to find a table.

As I sat on the other side of the restaurant I watched him pay for an extra burger and head back to his table where, I presume, he proceeded to tell his parents what happened, because moments later they both looked my direction with amusing smiles on their faces. I returned a smile and gave an "oh well" sort of shrug as I ate my lunch and delighted in the fact that there was at least one family out there with a fun and open interaction between them. Kids can be quite awesome if you let them.

So, I want to start listing all the reasons the rest of the world probably hates America. My ongoing list will be based purely on the role consumerism plays in our great nation, nothing more. Trust me, the shit we sell/buy here in America is more than enough to rant about, without having to go into politics or porn or war or wealth or pollution, etc. I'll begin my anti-consumerism list with Reason # 1:
Ah yes, when those forearms are simply too tired from a hard afternoon of lifting beers and grilling 12 oz steaks and BBQ chicken, who can possibly find the energy to clean their 700 dollar Weber grill old school method? Oh please, those back & forth scrub & scrape wands are soooo 3rd world. This is America, baby! With a simple forward click of your thumb, this puppy whirls to life and gets the job done! And it even steam cleans those pesky charcoal-laden grill grates as it goes, come on. Hell yeah, it's so nice being on Team America, ain't it? Get to grillin' people, clean-up is now a breeze.


  1. I don't think I even knew what sex was at 12 years old. haha!

  2. you're stuck in my thoughts every day, not just the blind days ways.. I don't want what we did to dilute what we have. had, should have.... no emotions remember? still, lots of emotions, just no romance.. no romantic emotions. the rest are ok.


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