Friday, January 7, 2011

In The Beginning, God Was A Little Nutso.

Christmas and New Years came and went, and just like that America feels calm again. Well, as calm as one country can be in the lull between recessions. Did I just pluralize "recession"? Yes, folks, I did. You think that first one was bad, just wait until the next one hits. I hope you know how to set snares and field dress a rabbit, dear readers. Just promise me that you will blog about the experience when it comes!

Speaking of snares, I just finished reading The Hunger Games by Susan Collins. What began as an interesting story set in a cruel futuristic totalitarian North America, turned into a semi-conscious love story between boy and girl. Ugh, really? Something tells me the author, Susan, at some point in her life watched Battle Royale and thought to herself, "Hey that was a great movie, there needs to be a book about it!". And away she went with those hungry little fingers, pecking away at the typewriter with a genius story idea in her head (completely stolen from a Japanese movie that was based upon a Japanese novel of same title). Yes, Susan, this has been done before, and might I add it was executed exceptionally better (pun intended).

Why does it seem like America is all about ripping off other people's ideas (or recycling ideas from the past)? It feels as though we've become a nation void of creativity, why is this? We don't produce anything anymore, unless of course it can be used in war to kill other humans, then we are innovative as all get out. This is upsetting to me, but don't you dare label me a Liberal. Libertarian maybe, but even then I'm still leery about ideologies. Out government needs a lot of fixing, and it will take more than a Democrat or a Republican to get the job done. If you are entrenched in either one of these parties and are unwilling to "compromise" (as John Boehner so doggedly put it), then you are part of the problem and I kindly ask you to get the fuck out of the way. There, I said it.

Whoa, where did that last paragraph come from? Sorry folks, I've been drinking and listening to the news again. Oh, and I cut my nut sack while shaving my ball hair again. Yes, these things will sour a good mood. Now, on to the next paragraph.

My parents sent me a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas, which is awesome. But before I tell you which books I purchased I need to explain a little about my mother. She is a wonderful human who raised three children the best way she could. I love and admire her for trying to be a mom while simultaneously dealing with her own personal issues, something I do everyday (minus the being a parent part). I could never do what she did, I'm not that strong. She is a very religious person who believes the Bible is the infallible word of a singular (upper case G) god. She embraces the Christian ideology and wears it like an electric blanket. It protects her, keeps her warm. Cool, no problem. She has pictures of dead fetuses as screen savers on her computer. Eh, not so cool, lol.

Anyway, so yes my mother is a devout Christian, which brings me to the humorous side of the point I'm trying to make. Now back to the gift card she and dad bought for me. I went online (since there are no Barnes & Nobles here in Salem) and ordered a few books, here are the books I ordered and will be reading over the next few months:

I am too lazy and buzzed to write a synopsis for you about what these books are about, but let's just say that the Christian community wouldn't embrace either one of them. The first one is about the evolution of man, his journey from monkey to mushrooms; the second is about man's creation of civilization, myths and gods. Haha, oh boy. This is what a curious mind, untethered to ideology, will read about. I know my mother still loves me, even though I am tough on her religion and ask many questions, but I'm sure if she knew her money helped support anti-Christian exploration, she might have a tisk-tisk aimed my way. It's okay, mom, I'm still a good human being with love in my heart and hope for humanity! I just believe religion isn't the answer. God isn't suppose to be a complex math equation or an impossible riddle to solve. Or is he?

Wow, this blog was 98% religion and 2% politics. I need another beer..

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  1. I, too, recently finished the Hunger Games trilogy and found it exciting (here and there, mostly) but ultimately tedious and incomplete. Maybe she could have spent some time giving her principle characters some realistic motivation? Nah, just throw some shit together and they'll turn it into a movie.

    Anyhoo, not that you asked me, but I am not so quick to dismiss the recycling of ideas / stories. I don't think we can do otherwise. The epic of Gilgamesh and the book of Genesis were already rip-offs of older material. There are successful and unsuccessful adaptations, and "nothing new under the sun."


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