Saturday, October 2, 2010

15 Albums

A fellow blogger I follow did a list-up of his 15 favorite albums, and after reading his list I wondered which fifteen I would choose. So I sat down and started thinking about it. Turns out this was more difficult than I thought and I'm blaming it on the era of mp3's and iPods. Here's why: back in the day all we had were cd's, tapes and records which we'd pop into the designated player and listen to our chosen music. Sure, we could fast forward or hit next or move the needle past songs we didn't like, but we were forced to listen to one album at a time. Nowadays we get to remove songs we don't like and add only the ones we do, and literally dump hundreds (thousands even) of songs onto our iPods, and if you're like me hit shuffle and never hear the same song twice for two weeks straight. I think this is why I had a tough time with this blog idea. My mind instantly went back to pre-mp3 days and I could remember those cd albums that got played over and over again, but as far as modern music goes I have favorite songs from three or four different albums all playing together. Tricky! Alright, even with the hardship of this technologically advanced generation, I still managed to complete my mission. I like to think I have wonderful taste in music and I hope my list doesn't bore your ears to tears. Wait, can ears shed tears? No, ok, well anyway... on with The List:
Cadillac Records: The Motion Picture Soundtrack If you are a lover of music and you haven't seen this film, stop reading right now and go buy/watch it. Beyonce crushed her role as Etta James, as did Jeffrey Wright (playing Muddy Waters). Heck, everyone gives an outstanding performance, this movie is solid gold and rising up the charts baby! As for the music soundtrack, there are two versions: a finely trimmed regular edition with only 13 songs, and the double disc deluxe edition with 26 songs!
America V: A Hundred Highways by Johnny Cash The man in black's final album, and boy is it powerful stuff. A somber look into the heart and soul of a legend in his final months of life.
Firehouse by Firehouse I felt this list wouldn't be complete without at least one hairband album, and so I chose this one. I mean, come on, who doesn't love Don't Treat Me Bad? Oh, and how many of us got laid to Love Of A Lifetime? Yeah, this album ROCKS.
Animal Serenade by Lou Reed I'm not a huge fan of live albums, but this is a list, after-all, and what's a list without a little bit of everything? I'm a Lou Reed fan, he's the man, and this live performance is worth checking out. Unless, of course, you hate Lou Reed.
The Redwalls by The Redwalls I can't stop playing to this cd, it never gets old. I dare you to listen to the music without tapping your feet to the rock-steady beat, it's impossible. The Redwalls are not to be missed!
Evil Empire by Rage Against The Machine Ok, here's a CD that got played so often when I was younger I had to buy it three times. In my opinion, this album far outshines their others, and seldom do I find someone who agrees with me. "Terror's the product ya push, well I'm a truth addict, oh shit I got a head rush!"
Rant In E Minor by Bill Hicks I love comedy. I love stand-up comics. I have a list of favorite comedians as deep as your mom's vagina and I place Bill Hicks at the very top of that list. This is my favorite album of his, solely for the 3 minute rant he does on Rush Limbaugh. You'll totally dig this, unless of course, you worship Rush Limbaugh.
The Ghost Of Tom Joad by Bruce Springsteen It was difficult choosing this over his Nebraska album, they're both great, but Ghost Of T.J. won out in the end only because it remains bleak throughout and slowly blows across the Midwest plains, which I like. I think this album gets overlooked and that's a shame.
Led Zeppelin II by Led Zeppelin I struggled when it came time to choose a favorite Zeppelin album, I even struggled with whether or not to add a Zeppelin album to this list. It seems slightly ridiculous to include a band so obvious, but really, they need to be here. And this is the album I chose, so deal with it punk. Let the battle of the fans begin!
These Streets by Paolo Nutini The first time I heard this guy I was sitting at a bar and the bartender had it playing. I sat there with my beer between my hands listening to Paolo's voice belt out lyrics like all get out. I became an fan instantly and this album is practically flawless.
Back To Black by Amy Winehouse I'm completely in love with this girl. Her voice, her music, her style, her calamitous lifestyle, her soul-stripping lyrics. When she sings, I listen. I hope she can hang on and continue to make more music, because if the drugs get her, someone remarkable will be gone and I'll be pretty sad about it. I'm pulling for ya, Amy, you unstable crazy bitch!
Thickfreakness by The Black Keys I surely didn't choose this album for it's cover art. I did, however, choose it for it's damn fine riff-rockin, crunchy guitar grating, two-man blues. These two guys know exactly what I like, and any of you blues fan out there will find this to be a priceless addition to your library. Go get it!
Communique by Dire Straits Ah yes, this band. Everyone is well aware of their mega-hit Money For Nothing, that's all well and good, but this album has a song that I consider to be one of the greatest songs of all time: Portobello Belle. This entire album is full of five-star songs and is a perfect example of why Dire Straits will never be forgotten.
The Spent Poets by The Spent Poets Never heard of them? Yeah well don't worry, they were easy to miss. As far as I know this is the only album put out by this little mysterious band. I discovered them back in high school and played the shit outta this CD, and I still do to this day.
The Best Of Tony Joe White by Tony Joe White This is the only ''best of'' I included on the list, mainly because it feels like I'm cheating by not picking one of his actual albums. Either way, this 20 song gem is an absolutely perfect way to get your feet wet in this guy's Louisiana swamp blues. He was a prolific musician with over two dozen album releases, so choosing only one would have been difficult. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Phew, so there you have it! That's a mighty fine list up there, and it was pretty hard to put only fifteen down. So, do you feel up to the task? Gimme your fifteen, dear readers. I'm always wanting to discover new music. Alright, it's time to go drink a few. Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. I completely agree about Amy Winehouse -- all I ask of her, which is all I ask of any rock star, is that she stay "clean enough" to keep writing and performing interesting songs. That "clean enough," you'll have to admit, comes with tons of leeway, so really I'm not asking much.

  2. You got some good taste. I haven't heard all of those albums, but I'll have to check them out.


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