Monday, July 12, 2010

Stepping Out

A few nights ago I cheated on Ringo's with a bar downtown. I didn't plan to, it was quite unexpected really. I had every intention on seeing Ringo's that night, I even called and said I was coming and said to put something sexy on, but then I got tempted by unforeseen forces. The next thing I knew I was walking around the interior of a new place, checking out her sweet spots, feeling up her billiard tables, admiring the wide open space and enjoying the feeling of something new. Guilt, you ask? Yes there was some guilt. I knew Ringo's was probably wondering where I was, constantly checking the phone for missed calls.. nothing. Ugh, how terrible of me. I've been cheated on recently, so I, of all people, should know better! I can't believe I did this, will Ringo's ever forgive me? I hope so, it's so much closer to where I live.

Pretty nice, right? Now can you see why I cheated? Shame on you for siding with me and making me feel better about what I did, tsk tsk. True friends would say, "So what if That Other Bar has twice as many pool tables. So what if the jukebox plays loud and true. So what if the walls are lined with tournament billiard trophies. You should be ashamed, Mick." Oh I am, believe me, I am. I lost TWO games this time! Serves me right, huh.

Ok people, I'm moving over to my other favorite website where I will drink myself silly and write poetry until I pass out. Yes, it's that simple. Maybe if I write something not too terribly graphic or depressing I will post it here for you to read, otherwise I'll just blog atchya later!


  1. You would make a great director! I almost put dictator :)

  2. Call me a homebody, but as nice as that bar is, I'm more of a Cramped-Smokey-Stop-Touching-My-Ass kind of joint. Where the drunks sing better than the jukebox. Though, for tournaments and such, it seems like a swell place.
    (Post Script: Shame on you for cheating, but how many other men does your usual hangout entertain whilst you're away? Let's keep things in perspective.)

  3. I thought I knew all the bars in town, but I don't recognize this one. :) Where is it? Maybe when you go back to Ringo's I can keep this lonely bar company.

  4. Is that Jake's? It looks like it could be. >.>
    Even if it isn't, Jake's is still awesome.


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