Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Place

new place
by Mick Tomlinson

I'm in this new place now
surrounded by clocks and bricks
and mortar and time,
all falling apart while looking good
in the process.
they built it up just so they could
watch it go down,
and in the meantime I will come here
like a puppy to the puddle to play
and all the others will come here too.

we will dance on fire center stage,
we will bastardize the microphone,
we will fuck the Wives of the Willamette (WOW!)
and sit very quietly afterwards.

all of this is meaningless
unless of course you're me
sitting here in this seamless dream
waiting for someone to shake you awake,
waiting for the table to crash
under the weight of two ancient elbows.

you see,
I'm in this new place now
wondering when it will happen.

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