Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The List

I have a list of things I need to do more of, and that list looks like this:

1.) photography walk-abouts
2.) read novels
3.) exercise
4.) write short stories
5.) remember birthdays
6.) be happier
7.) save money
8.) drink more water
9.) drink less liquor
10.) finish watching Battlestar Galactica
11.) build dvd shelves

There is nothing wrong with this list, it's easily achievable. All I gotta do is focus on #9 and the rest is easy! Haha, speaking of which.. I bought a 7 dollar bottle of Mojito mixer to accompany my fifth of Monopolowa Vodka and let me tell you... yum! I like 'em. I've been knocking back Gin & Tonics for so long I forgot how tasty other drinks can be.

Now, let's discuss #2 on the list. I recently started reading a book that I think is going to be eye opening. I'm only on chapter 2 and already I'm discovering some very intriguing things about the many varying factors of what creates successful people. The book I'm reading is:
I'm gonna go ahead and make a premature recommendation and say READ THIS BOOK. If it's this fascinating already I can only imagine what more I will learn.

#1 on the list has been going miserably. I definitely don't get out enough with my camera, there's no question about that, so I shouldn't be disappointed or surprised when I do go out and snap a bunch of shots and none of them turn out very well. I've already learned from reading Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master something. If I had to guess I'd say I have about 9,991 hours of photography sessions to go. Haha, you laugh, but it's no joke!

I've been shooting a lot of pool at Ringo's lately. I'm getting decent, but still have miles of green felt to go. Or should I say, I have about 9,982 hours of practice to go? Can you tell that book is on my mind? Yep, I'm telling ya. The above pic was taken with my shitty cell phone, and I'm a little pissed because I was supposed to have my new Google Droid Incredible by now, but the Verizon guy never called me back to let me know when the new shipment came in. I have a feeling I'll be waiting another couple weeks now, grr... When I finally do get it I'll be snapping some pretty sweet blog pics and maybe even blogging from my phone frequently. I imagine with a smart phone blogging is a breeze, we'll see. All I hafta do is get one and find out, huh.

Well that's a wrap, I'm going to work on #10 right now and call it a night. Frackin' A!


  1. This list looks remarkably similar to mine. Except Battlestar Galactica would be replaced by "Bleach" and building DVD shelves would be Fixing my Truck. Yessir. How dry I am.

  2. Vodka is not good on any level. (Maybe I'm too much used to whiskey.) I think number 6 is always the hardest one for me, unfortunately.


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