Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last Run

last run
by Mick Tomlinson

I chased you around the block
screaming, "DEATH TO SMOOCHY!"
(because that was your favorite movie)
and all the tattoo'd freaks on 15th and Pearl
watched us go by,
first your bra and then your panties
separated by time like a suicidal desk clerk.
I tripped near Market Street
and collided with concrete as my knife
skidded across the sidewalk
and into the street.

we both stopped running,
the charade was over.

our lives went into the wild
and there was no reason to continue.

I walked with you around the block
knowing this would be the last time
our hips would pivot in close proximity.
I put my arm around you,
felt your sweat graduate to my nose.

"You know, I'm really gonna miss you when this is over."

"Let's not let it be over."

we stopped.
I watched as you unlocked your door
and went inside, opened the window blinds
and watched me walk away,

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