Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Back.

I haven't been around for awhile, several weeks actually. Went through another rough patch in my life (yet again) and was without Internet, thus no blogging. I was also without a home, had to sleep in my car and on friends' couches (sometimes beanbags). But hey, I got through it and now I'm officially relocated into my new place.

It's been pretty fun putting the new apartment together, especially since everything happened so fast and unexpectedly. I basically had to start over from scratch. I didn't even have a bed, but within several days I've managed to scrape together an okay start and things are looking better. The many local thrift stores here in town have become my new best friend. I hit them up daily looking for interesting things to add to my place. For example, the miniature bowling game shown in the picture above I found for only 6 dollars. It's a fantastic little find, and it totally works! And it looks pretty cool on display with the other stuff. That corner of the room I've designated as the Fun Center. Actually my entire apartment is a fun center, I try not to take things too seriously anymore.

I have so many exciting things to talk about, but I have to go meet up with a friend and play a few games of chess soon, so I'll be wrapping this blog up rather quickly. On a quick note I'll mention that I finally upgraded to a digital SLR. I bought a Canon Rebel XSI with a 28-135mm lens. I'm so excited about it, I'm taking photography to the next level! Now if only I could befriend someone who is really good at it and they could teach me everything I need to know. I love walking around Salem taking pictures (or anywhere for that matter) but there is so much I need to learn about ISO, RGB, contrast, lighting, aperture, shutter, etc. I plan on taking some courses at the local college, and of course I'm reading books, but a friend to pal around with would be the best, so if you are out there send me a message and I'll buy the lunches when we go out shooting pics!


  1. I love thrift stores, too. I've never found anything as cool as your bowling game, though.

  2. Welcome back. Hope everything is okay and works out for you. Congratulations on the new pad and new Camera.
    I love thrift shops....In CT The Good wills are full of excellent finds. I bought a purse for $8.00 that was brand NEW...which retails for $450. Score!
    Anyway...not sure what went down but I hope your journey back up goes smooth!

  3. Yep, still jealous of that camera of yours. :) Chess was fun. That bowling game is freakin awesome! haha. The apartment looks fantastic. I think I'll definitely come paint on your walls someday soon. I'll have to draw something out first and then grid it onto the wall though so that it doesn't come out effed up. Seems it will be a project for me. That's exciting!!


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