Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where's Snooky?

It's Sunday morning, scratch that, it's practically the afternoon already. I'm sitting on my couch in my 'night before' clothes relaxing, checking email, listening to a great playlist at, a mixture of The clash, Talking Heads, Stone Roses, A-Ha, Depeche Mode, etc. I must confess, these are bands I never really got into, not because I don't like them, simply because I just never did. I'm listening to them now thinking, "hot damn, this is great music!". Especially for a semi-cloudy Sunday afternoon. is a great way to find new (or old) music, so if you haven't been there go check it out. Good times indeed. Oh and while I'm the subject of ways to find and listen to music, another fantastic option is using the iTunes radio feature. There are bookoos of great stations, all divided up by genre, all free and streaming live and commercial free. One of my absolute favorite stations is GotRadio - Guitar Genius (found in ambient). It gets played for hours on end some days.

Ugh, I'm looking around my living room at all the many boxes I have yet to unpack and I'm having the same thought about it that I had yesterday: do it tomorrow, Mick. There's really no point in getting in a hurry, who am I trying to impress? My family lives over 2,500 miles away, so they will never see the clutter. My one or two friends are exactly that, friends, so they sure as hell don't mind. Well, they might mind, but they sure as hell won't judge! And even if they did, they have to deal with it or suffer the wrath of... MY ASS! No but really, relocating really sucks when you collect things. I never collected anything before, and now within the past several years I watched my dvd collection grow into the thousands. Sheesh, that's a lot of movies! (

I just got back from a vacation to New Jersey. I flew over for a huge family reunion, and afterwards some of us drove down to Sea Isle City and stayed in a beach house. It's always the best time when I get around my sister and cousins. We all have identical sense of humors and we love to get fucked up on beer and liquor and laugh uncontrollably and sometimes even do really dumb shit together (like drive through trailer park yards stoned at 2am). This time around was no different. We went to a bar for my birthday and watched a band play raggae music, "Lawd have mercy". While there we put down plenty of birthday shots and beers and by the time we headed back we were staggering. Back at the beach house we drank more, played table tennis, and acted like drunk people do... retarded. Haha, it was fantastic fun. I miss them already.

And here's a nice shot of Mount Hood as my plane approaches Portland:

Well I think that wraps up this blog. See ya, friends.

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