Saturday, April 3, 2010

Windshield Wiper Weirdos

Hey guess what, I've recently added a new peeve to my list of pet peeves. Life was much more peaceful before I started noticing this new annoyance, mainly because there is a fairly large percentage of humans who do it, but it only occurs when it rains and since I live in the Pacific Northwest it rains a lot, which in turn means this pet peeve is an everyday occurrence. Great, that's just what I need. As if I don't complain enough as it is!

So check it out, here's what bothers me now:

Can you believe it? I know, I know, I'm terrible and inexcusable and I completely denounce and reject myself for this abnormal behavior, but I'm telling you it bugs me so much! It drives me crazy to see parked cars with windshield wipers left in "motion". I can't help but wonder which social behavior studies can be applied to this pet peeve of mine. What does this say about the person (if anything at all)? Does the person notice the wipers in the upright position and get out of their car anyway? Or are they completely unaware that the wipers are standing at full salute? In either scenario, what does that say about them? Are there a myriad other personality trait that these people have in common? Etc, etc.

I could totally turn this around and ask the same question about myself: why does this bother me so much, and what does that say about me? I love studying the way peoples' minds work, it's fascinating. I'd love to go back to college and learn more about this subject now that I'm older and more appreciative.

So that last picture, the one of the VW Bug that was taken in the dark, is actually a friend of mine. Not the car, stupid, the guy who drives it. His name is Steve and he is part of the windshield wiper weirdo club. I was pretty excited when I found this out, naturally. He debunked my hypothesis that turning the ignition off while the wipers are in motion is hard on the wiper motor and would decrease the life of it. Steve is a tech guy, he's pretty savvy when it comes to electronics and such, so I conceded in that discussion. If my memory serves me correctly, when I asked him what goes through his mind when he leaves the wipers erect, he simply said, "I dunno, just never noticed before".

Now that it has become a hot topic, something tells me he'll notice every time. And if he continues to leave em up, then we truly have some interesting shit to think about! Haha.

Oh and by-the-way, Steve is a new blogger here just like myself, so go check out his page and say hello:


  1. Funny stuff, you should seek help immediatly.

  2. Living near Boston I have so many pet peeves w/ people & their motor vehicles.... Like the woman who dragged a cyclist for over 300 feet and didn't know it. That really irks me. Or the teenager who dragged my friend when he clipped her stroller and dragged them.....I just don't get how a person can be dragged and the driver doesn't feel it in the wheel or hear the screaming! The windshield wiper thing seems more like they just don't have the time to waste (1-3 seconds) for the wipers to go back into the off position. People in general are strange and unusual and incomprehensible.

  3. First off, thanks for the plug. Second, Yeah I don't really notice the position of the wipers. Actually not that I think about it. If I know you'll be near my car I'll make them go up. Rain or shine.

  4. I have the same pet peeve. Also, even if my car is parked in a spot as long as the car is running and it's raining I can't help but keep my wipers on until I shut my car off. I dunno. It's a compulsion.

  5. uhhh what about the idiots I see DRIVING with them like that when It's NOT raining?! Ugh!! It's not seen as often as this but I've seen it more than enough times to be completely uncomfortable with it. As for Steve's car. I'm awaiting a Battle Royal between the two of you that consists of him leaving them up ALL the time and you frantically running to his car and putting them back down. This will repeat every time you two see each other!


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