Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vampire Candy

I was browsing my local DVD store the other day looking for some new movies to add to my ever-growing collection (PIC #1, PIC #2) when something hanging from a rack near the register caught my eye. I walked over and picked it up and within seconds of checking it out I knew I had to have it. This novelty item was just too great to pass up:

Now, since the pictures can't convey just how awesome it is, I'll type up everything you can't read. Get ready for the good stuff!

Blood Energy Potion

  • Similar nutrients to real blood
  • Fangtastic fruit punch flavor
  • Delicious for vampires or humans
  • Succulent source of electrolytes
  • Delectable source of iron
  • Garlic free
Similar nutritional content to natural blood. Not for use intravenously or in transfusions. Instructions for warming to 98.6 degrees F on back. People's blood isn't for drinking, but this is.

Preparation Instructions:
  • Twist off cap while holding upright
  • Tip pouch into mouth or pour into goblet
  • Taste the sweet nectar of life
Disclaimer: Contains phenylalanine, not recommended for mortals under 12.

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  1. That is very funny. Who thinks to actually market something like that?


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