Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I love Reese's Pieces. They're so good my brain has difficulty telling my hand to stop shoveling them into my mouth, but that's not even the problem. Here's the problem. In light of this Easter holiday, the Hershey Company decided to tap into their clever marketing department and those funny pricks bagged up all their orange Reese's Pieces into specially designed bags that resemble carrots. And of course my girlfriend bought 'em up and now my house looks like the Willy Wonka garden. Awesome, and I can't stop eating these not-so-good-for-me vegetables.

Okay moving on..

I received in the mail something I'm really excited about, it's the 8 disc DVD collection of the complete Little Rascals collection. Man, I love that show! I'm so excited to add it to my DVD shelf, even more excited to start re-watching all of those episodes. It's going to be great, I can't wait. Amazon had it in its Gold Box section just last week, I picked it up for less than 30 bucks. Score!

I actually have a lot more I want to write about and several other pictures to add to this blog, but I gotta say I'm not feeling very pleased with blogger.com right now. I'm having a great deal of trouble adding pictures to my blog and moving them around within it. I would expect the pic I upload would simply go wherever my cursor was flashing beforehand, but no, instead it goes straight to the top of my blog and then I have to drag it down to where I want it, but that always proves to be a pain in the ass. I'm quite aggravated right now, so I'll come back later and try it again. Who knows, maybe I drank too much tonight and that's my trouble.


  1. That drives me nuts about blogger. I do like the new template design feature. Wish they would have had that years ago. Now I'm afraid to screw up my template designs.

  2. This has nothing to do with anything that you were discussing, but I was wondering if you have ever seen the film, "Henry Fool"? The film is about a waste specialist who becomes a famous writer, after meeting Henry Fool.

  3. I just added Henry Fool to my list of DVD's to get. I am more than curious!

  4. -.- I eat reeses pieces, like, literally every day. I have for probably a year.

    No, I'm not fat. I don't know why, either.

  5. Uhh Reeses Pieces....fuck. Now I want some. Henry Fool sounds interesting! hahaha @BeefEater. A) because it reminds me of a scrabble game I believe I kicked your ass at in my living room. and B) just because of the name...BeefEater. I can think of a few people(females in specific) I could quite easily give that as a nickname to.


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