Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Coast With The Most!

Just got back home from a four day vacation at the Oregon Coast. Except for the high winds during certain parts of each day, it was an otherwise perfect trip. Plenty of sightseeing, picture taking, seafood dinners, fishing from the pier at Newport Bay, whale watching and even a little shopping too. Now I must admit, I am not a fisherman. Funny thing is, I've never even had the pleasure of reeling in a fish from a body of water before, and I'm 33 years old. My ex-girlfriend's 6 year old son, however, is quite the fisherboy and he let me try my luck with his fishing pole when he noticed how utterly bored I was. One cast out with a sand shrimp as bait and this is what happened:


This is called a rock fish or stone fish I think, and apparently somewhere on it's body is a stinger fin which can deliver a highly toxic venom (according to the guy who was fishing near us). I was trying to get this ugly thing off the line when he called over and warned me about it's lethality. Um, nice, just what a novice wants to hear on his first catch. So I got the damn thing off the pole and tossed it back into the ocean without getting stung, but shortly after I realized that the entire process of catching a fish is actually quite fun and I found myself wanting to catch another one. Onward to WalMart I went in search of my very own fishing pole! A few hours later I was standing side-by-side with him, casting like a pro. We caught several red rock crabs, some seaweed, and a starfish before we finally gave up and called it a day.

I'll be adding some of the pictures I took of all the various places we went in my next blog, so stay tuned!

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